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Insta 27.07.18 Necklace

Necklace with Tigereye Gemstones strung together with gold plated sterling silver.

The tigereye gemstone is known to induce Strength-Clarity-Intuition in the wearer.

Tiger Eye gemstone synthesises the vibrations of sunlight and sand while combining the energies of the Sun and the Earth. It resonates the frequencies of the earth. Provides clarity and gentle attunement while promoting intuitive experiences. Can eliminate the blues and bring optimism. Provides for balancing of yin yang energy. 

Typically sourced from - India, Mexico & South Africa.

Healing properties - Can assist with treatment of disorders of eyes and throat. Believed to strengthen the spinal column and facilitate mending of broken bones.

Chakra relation- Third Eye, Solar Plexus and Root.

Gemstone Tiger Eye
Colour Natural Brown
Gemstone Size 13 - 18 mm
Length 35 inches
Weight 77 gm


You will get: one featured Necklace.

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